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Australian Solar Manufacturing Pty Ltd is the pioneer company to specialise in the production of high-powered 190-200 watt solar modules in Australia, modules are assembled with imported raw materials such as EVA, TPT, Junction Box, Glass, Silicone, Alluminium frame and solar cell. Components are sourced from Germany, Japan,USA and China.  



ASM Modules have been tested by TUV Rheinland, Japan and fulfil the requirements of Application A (Safety Class II) IEC EN 61730 [requirements for construction and testing] and IEC 61215 [Safety Tested] Certification.










ASM is a highly reputable clean energy products & services provider comprised of leading engineers in this emerging technical field. ASM has a strong and creative scientific basis for moving forward into the 21st century.


This internal ingenuity is coupled with our MonoCrystalline solar cells currently yielding an efficiency rate of 18.8%, making ASM an industry leader in quality, cost-effective solar technology solutions. For this reason every solar panel delivered to the marketplace comes with a confident 25-year warranty.


ASM manufacturers MonoCrystalline Solar Panels for Residential, Government, Commercial, and Utility applications. With the latest and newest cell efficiency, light transmission, and encapsulation technologies ASM solar modules are among the most advanced and efficient industrial solar energy generating product across the world.








JL Electrics Pty Ltd is the authorised distributor and integrator/installer of

ASM solar panels in Victoria.


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