Australian Solar Manufacturing [ASM] is a Proprietary Limited Company formed and registered in early 2009. It is an exclusively Australian owned and managed Company based at 2/37 Rimfire Drive, Hallam, Victoria from 2008-2012, company is now re-located to Narre Warren South,Victoria, Australia.



1. New Components (Research & Development)

(a) ASM is currently involved in research and development of a Microinverter. Company's aim is to integrate a Microinverter into every 200 watt module in production and convert this to a 200 watt AC module. This past year engineers have been closely studying and monitoring progress of all Microinverter Companies in World Market in terms of technology, cost and the difference it would make to solar industry over a central inverter. ASM's target is to lodge this revolutionary product in Australian market by year end 2011.


(b) Solar Mounting Rail - this product is in the development & testing phase. ASM wants a product which has a cutting edge over the different designs available in the market. Aim is to introduce this product by early 2012 in the Australian market.


2. ASM Factory & Warehouse

The company is looking into investing in its own building by year end 2012. In 5 years, ASM will have its own premises; office, factory for production and warehouse in one.


3. Production

ASM aims to increase its production capacity to 25 mega watts in 5 years. It plans on setting up a fully automated line to increase production and compete with overseas suppliers. ASM will continue to invest in a high level of quality automated product line.



Increase in the number of locals employed by the company.


5. Product & Service

ASM will provide Australian market with a chance to buy Australian made and promote global solar innovation. Significant funding will be allocated to research and development aiming to improve quality and efficiency of the product. The company will commit to improving efficiencies of operation, market into Australian and overseas countries, demonstration and promotion in Trade Exhibitions, monitoring government policy in renewable energy industry, staff training and expansion of production targets.



ASM aspires to produce universally accredited quality Solar Modules with the latest technology available to serve the global industry. It endeavours to assist the mainstream to participate in a pollution free environment at a reasonable and convenient value.



In 2009, ASM was founded in Hallam, Victoria as a company offering quality at a premium price with less than 10 full time employees.


ASM is manufacturer of MonoCrystalline 190 - 200 watt Solar Panels for Residential, Government, Commercial, and Utility applications. With the latest and newest cell efficiency, light transmission, and encapsulation technologies ASM solar modules are among the most advanced and efficient industrial solar energy generating product across the world.

Our company provides specialized advice, guidance and negotiation for the purchase of solar systems. In addition, ASM provides solar and electric products with very competitive pricing, the best quality and long term reliability for a variety of green energy applications.


We create long term relationships with our commercial and residential customers based on our commitment of trust, value and integrity. ASM is a business building a relationship-oriented business that is long-term relationships with clients, not single transaction deals with customers. ASM's customers are system houses, installation companies and large solar-park operators. Between the end consumer and the module manufacturing houses there are wholesale companies and installation companies that typically buy large quantities of solar panels under long term contracts.


ASM is founded on the principal of a sustainable future. It thrives on contributing towards educating the consumers in solar and its implementation thereby, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and assisting in reversing global climate change. Other than adding to Efficiency and Renewable Energy Technologies, which empowers our Economy with carbon free electricity, ASM Solar Modules also:


  • Is a great Product Manufactured in Australia for Australians
  • Assists in Promoting Manufacturing, Trade, Commerce and Industry
  • Heightens Community Awareness of Australia & Australian Skills, Achievements & Potential
  • Encourages Improvements in Quality, Design & Marketing
  • Encourages Jobs & Industry Development
  • Supports greater Australian content into the Global Market
  • Boosts  Australian Economy   


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Promote Environmental friendly energy




Reduce Global Warming



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