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Company: Australian Solar Manufacturing Pty Ltd

Number of Shares FOR SALE: 49% stake

Share Price: $8,600,000 AUD for 49% stake

Date Initiated: 01-05-2017

Date of Expiry: 30th June 2017

ROI : Average 22% (Peak) by 2018-2019, 2018 Grace Period

Percentage of shares to be sold: 49% (maximum) ASIC, form new entity in Thailand/Vietnam under ASM (100% Foreign Owned)

Invesment Purpose: See below in brief project mission, in depth proposal sent after signing of NDA

Revenue Projections 2019-2020:$30,000,000 - $35,000,000

Outgoings & Expenditure: 8%-10% before tax

Product Margins: 30%+ on all components

Tax: Free Trade Zone (5-8year) Thailand,agreement reached with Bangkok Investment Board and Government

Tax Australia: 28.5%, Tax treaty with Thailand

Equity Worth upon commissioning - $25M (100MW PV Module & BOS Manufacturing) all EU made Machines Installed by JL Electrics Engineers (EPC). Engineering, Procurement & Construction of Photovoltaics plants, automation and robotics, Mining & Industrial work, Power Geeneration and distribution work, design, layout machines, wire, commission, www.jlelectrics.com.au  

Dividend shares: TBA, Shareholders to decide dividends 2020

IPO Listing Schedule for 2020 -2022 after all products are developed and commercialised  


Project Proposal - Design, Construct & Commission 100MW PV Module & BOS Manufacturing

Funding will be injected back into our manufacturing facility which is to be re-located to a lower labour cost South East Asia region(Thailand or Vietnam), this will improve and add to our already commercialised product portfolio to an increasing demand from these regions. Re-location of our current PV Manufacturing plant to SEA region would require not just the expanded capacity but improving quality and speed of production to match current demand.

Investment sought will go towards newly automated production line procurement, re-designing PV module with in house manufactured raw materials (lower cost) and fund balance of PV equipment that has already been designed and are at proto type stage, please see below product listing.

ASM has designed and built many products since 2008 with global partners from Netherlands, Germany, France & China. We have 27 years of individual experience in Electrical product knowledge & design, development, manufacturing, testing (IEC & UL Standards) and commercialisation.

We are ready to invest and re-locate our team of engineers and management to SEA to meet their rising demand for power production via renewable energy.

Our firm also owns and operate EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) Contractor JL Electrics Pty Ltd, a Licensed Electrical Contracting company since 2005 in Melbourne, Australia. JL Engineering team will also re-locate to provide design, installation, commissioning, maintenance and operations of all solar PV Power Plant that we build within SEA region, all projects deployed by JL team will only source and use ASM manufactured products, we have priced and are in talks with projects with regional partnership amounting in excess of $100M USD for 2018-2020

SEA region is expanding with better growth than most OECD countries, power requirement and demand is increasing to an unprecedented levels causing major blackout and failures around many countries pushing the need for clean green means of energy production over old coal fired power plants causing pollution to many tourist destinations which has become the main source of income to many families.

To manufacture and ship from Australia to these regions are not competitive with freight & transit delays mounting to loss of projects and procurement, aim is to manufacture and supply locally at competitive cost while maintaining high standards.

PV Module expansion would equal to 100MW of 2 shift production with capacity to expand with few machines to a 200MW production plant (expansions designed at stage 1 of project).


Our markets for these products will be 

  1. USA (No Anti Dumping Duties)
  2. EU (No Anti Dumping Duties)
  3. Australia
  4. New Zealand
  5. South Pacific
  6. Thailand
  7. Vietnam
  8. Myanmar
  9. Cambodia
  10. Laos
  11. Malaysia
  12. Singapore
  13. India      


Australian Solar Manufacturing Pty Ltd (Component Design, Manufacturing & Warranty) 

Product List (Patent Pending)


  • ASM 315w-320w Multi Crystalline PV Module (smart Junction Box) and smaller cable connector system reducing overall cable length, cost & losses (1MW - 8000M+ savings cable cost) sold since 2009
  • ASM PV Mounting System (Roof & Large scale Ground Mounting systems) with cable management system designed internally into module rail (ready to commercialise)
  • ASM 250A, 1000Vdc String Combiner Box (20 string protecting both polarities) with surge protection fitted to IP65 custom made metal enclosure & cooling technology (heat dissipation) (ready to commercialise)
  • ASM Underground cable management system - allows separation, heat dissipation, clearance , protection against any mechinical or environmental damage resulting with lower losses (ready to commercialise)
  • ASM newly designed H Beam pile driving machine with multiple usage with separate attachments (pile driving, forklift, loader, trenching machine & more) low cost machine with Cummins Engine. (ready to commercialise)
  • ASM Solar PV D.C Isolators with mounting bracket 2P & 4P 1000Vdc, 16A -32A (sold since 2013)
  • ASM newly Design Battery Storage System using lithium ion batteries (Grid & off Grid inverter) at design phase  




All Interested parties please contact us for information package (Project Proposal)

Name: Mr. Jain Lal (Managing Director)

Email: info@australiansolarmanufacturing.com.au

Telephone Number: 61 (3) 8786 5544



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