'World-first' solar car under development in Queensland could cost owners $250,000


A Queensland racing and research team is moving to become the world's first manufacturer of solar cars requiring road registration.

It will cost more than $250,000 — and it may not even come with air-conditioning.

Clenergy Team Arrow founder Cameron Tuesley said the prototype vehicle being built for next year's World Solar Challenge would be used to develop a model for commercial purposes.

The race runs 3,000 kilometres from Darwin to Adelaide



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Solar Panel fires "SPARKED" by Faulty Imported D.C Isolators spark warning to home owners



Australia is the only country that requires D.C Isolators to be installed on rooftop, next to solar modules. These requirement were made for fire authority & maintenance personnel to isolate D.C Switch in emergency or work carried out on solar systems.

Imported D.C Isolators from China are usually copies of European made with very poor quality parts at cheaper cost, many would fail high heat & humidity test, IP test and UV test.


ASM D.C Isolators are Made in Australia with Imported SANTON Holland D.C Switch, our enclosure is designed and made in Australia with IP65 rating certification, UV rated and built to last. Assembly is done by qualified A Grade Electrician/ Electrical fitter with 27 years of assembly and fitting experience.



Solar Battery Storage System to revolutionise solar industry

Solar Battery Storage systems gives power back into hands of home owners to take charge of their electricity usage and outgoing cost kwh to rising imported cost of electricity from grid suppliers (Electricity Retailers). Solar panel combined with battery storage is our future in reducing or eliminating power bills and carbon emissions.

Consumers have suffered from the rising cost of electricty and gas in Australia, our kwh cost back in 1998 was at $0.10/c / kwh, today these rates are well above $0.38/ c / kwh, well over 250% rise which includes service to property charges (increased cost). Victorian's paid for smart meters which is remotely read by supply authority but still continue to increase service to property charges, Origin Energy is now asking all customer to be registered for online billing or get charged for paper billing.

Solar system with PV Modules and battery storage system can be designed for 24/7 power based on usage kwh/day, consumers can disconnect grid alltogether or ask retailer to switch off (remotely -smart meters)

As technology improves, we are going to see lower cost and improved systems into the future, we ask consumers to wait for couple of years (2-3 years) before investing into battery storage systems, prices are set to come down with technology advancement.



Graphene Coated Solar Panels and Solar PV Ribbon

Graphene coated foil is set to chnage how we assemble or produce solar PV Modules, pure form of Graphene is a super conductor which increases conductivity or electron flow in solar cells or within alumnium foil, process of inducing Graphene into alumnium using furnace which is then extruded or rolled to foil, extruded form can then be made into PV ribbons to be utilised in module production process we call cell stringing. This ribbon can be produced at much lower cost, much lighter than standard PV Ribbon used today (Copper Pb/Sn) but mush more efficient.  



ASM Ships first batch of 200W solar modules to Chennai, India.

ASM signs distribution rights to TKM India for distribution or ASM modules within south of India, we have helped in designing and training to local installers key components for Grid, off grid and hybrid solar PV systems. Indian solar PV markets growing as demand for power supplied by coal fired power stations surpass it's capacity.

The Indian state of Tamil Nadu is promoting the use of solar energy and has urged higher education institutions in the state to generate at least 6% of its energy requirement from solar power installations by January 2014.

The state government has also announced a 30% subsidy to institutions for setting up solar power systems.





ASM(Australia) & SANTON (Holland) in Partners in Design and Distribution of PV Isolation and safety components within Australia and New Zealand


With ever changing PV industry SANTON leads in technology and design making our PV system much safer and user friendly to consumers, SANTON based in Holland design and manufacturers D.C switching and protection for PV,marine, defence and rail industry. An automated production line ensures final component cost and quality to it's highest level. All products are tested by KEMA EUR in compliance with IEC & UL standards.

ASM designs and manufacturers with SANTON D.C isolator for local conditions suitable for PV switching from16A- 250A @1000VDC per contact rating , enclosure design, tooling and injection moulding are all done in Australia by our local partner PMG Engineering, Victoria. This is another addition to our growing product design and manufacturing product line.




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