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What we offer

Australian Solar Manufacturing Pty Ltd (ASM) with it's partner company JL Electrics Pty Ltd, a Licensed Electrical Engineering Contractor (EPC) is an Australian firm Providing Engineering, Procurement & Construction of small to large scale Solar PV Projects worldwide.

Our engineers are not just experts in basic physical principles; their creativity enables the collaboration necessary to develop deeply integrated comfort and energy concepts. Beginning from a project’s earliest conception, we work alongside the client, architect, design team, and the most vital participants of all – the occupants. We study the seasonal behaviour of sun, wind, heat, light and other energy flows in and around the building, and formulate concepts based on the complex interdependence of the local climate, user needs, architectural design and engineered systems.

We assist customers in all aspects of project facilitation, drawings and component selection for best power output, quality, warranty and ease of installation.

Our EPC contracting firm provides design, procurement and construction of large scale solar PV farms within South East Asia region, projects range from 1MW -100MW using patent design ASM Ground Mounting System, ABB Central Inverters, ABB LV-MV-HV transformers, ASM Patent design String Combiner Box, MV-HV Switchgears and SCADA control for monitoring and protection of systems complying to IEC standards.


Design & Drawings (Electrical Schematics & Layout)

  • 2Kw - 5kw Residential Solar Systems
  • 10Kw -100Kw Commercial / Industrial Solar Systems
  • 1MW- 10MW Solar PV Farm (Roof / Ground Mounted)
  • 10MW+ Solar PV farms ( Ground Mounted)  


Engineering,Procurement & Construction

  • 2Kw - 5kw Residential Solar Systems
  • 10Kw -100Kw Commercial / Industrial Solar Systems
  • 1MW- 10MW Solar PV Farm (Roof / Ground Mounted)
  • 10MW+ Solar PV farms ( Ground Mounted)  

Work Performed by JL Electrics Pty Ltd (Licensed Electrical Contractor) REC 17169 Energy Safe Victoria, Australia, A Grade Licensed Electrical Engineers, Technicians & Electricians (A 37754) Energy Safe Victoria, Accredited Clean Energy Council PV Design & Install (A 3299541)


ASM Patent Products for Large Scale PV Projects

  • ASM -Solar PV Module 315W-320W
  • 1000Vdc, 250A, 20 X 12A String Combiner Box (Partner SOCOMEC France & Wohner Germany)
  • Newly Designed Ground Mounting System 1MW-100MW scale
  • Underground cable layout & management system (LV-HV)
  • D.C Isolators (Partner SANTON Netherlands)
  • Transformer Switchyard & MV-HV Switchgear cubicle IP rated with cooling technology 
  • PV Monitoring & Protection - ABB, GE & Phoenix Germany  


Regions We Cover

  • Australia (HQ) Melbourne
  • New Zealand
  • South Pacific Region (Fiji Islands already in operation) Suva, Fiji
  • Indonesia
  • Thailand (Office Branch In Operation) Bangkok
  • Singapore
  • Vietnam
  • Myanmar
  • Cambodia
  • Laos
  • Malaysia
  • China
  • India    


ASM & JL Electrics 1MW Solar Farm Project SEA.

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