Solar Tools

Rennsteig crimping tools can help you streamline your solar installs, by assisting you with the tools you need to do a fast, professional job. These precision cutting, stripping and crimping tools are specifically engineered for the wires, terminals (connectors) specific to the solar industry. These top-quality tools are designed for durability and efficiency, and give you consistently excellent results.






Solar System Tool for MC4              Solar System Tool for MC3                Solar System Tool for Tyco 

624 570 3 1                              624 194 3 1                                624 817 3 1



Solar System Tool for Wieland               Solar System Tool for Helios H4         Assembly Tool for MC3

R624 073-1 3 16                             624 194 3 H4                               725 000




Solar Crimp Set MC3/MC4/Tyco       Solar Crimp Kit Tyco/MC3/MC4             CSC Multifunction Tool MC4 

R624 105-01                              R624 105-06                                 624 006 3 1



Insulation Stripper with Replaceable Stripping Plates                         Cable Cutter RG       


















Crimping Machine                                                            Toggle press for crimping    

636 025-1                                                                           636000




Assembly Key for MC 4 connectors 



This absolutely ergonomic plastic open end spanner is for tightening and loosening of the cable gland. You can also use this key for breaking connections (open the locking) after they have been locked together.




R690 001



Crimping Tools

Especially suited for the exacting specifications of the automotive and commercial vehicle industry, Rennsteig’s product offering includes a large variety of manual and mechanically-assisted crimping tools for terminal and cable applications.



Multi Crimping tool with quick-change system                      Crimping Pliers for end sleeves 









Model PEW 8.86                                                  Model PEW 8.84 

6180863                                                               6180843




Model PEW 8.88                                                    Service Crimping Tool PEW16




Crimp System Tools PEW 6                                                Crimping Tool PEW 8



Hand Crimping Tool PEW 9 Series                                       





Cable Cutter Design

Cutting a cable is the first in a series of operations with the aim of making an electrical connection. To cut cables of different shapes, materials and diameters properly, the right cable cutting tools must be used. There are different tools for thin, fine-wire conductors, precise right-angled cutting of ribbon cables and cutting thick cables. It should be possible to cleanly cut the cables without undue effort. Special blade geometry and precision-ground, hardened blades give clean cutting without strain.



Cable shears with opening spring                            Cable Shears 

6000163                                                                                     6000153


Cable Shears D20                                                   Multifunction tool for data cables 

6000203                                                                                       6075033



Kevlar ® cutter                                                       Cable shears SZ27 

6001003                                                                                       6000272




Cable shears SZ38                                                Cable shears SZ60 

700 038 3                                                                                   712 060 3                                            



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