IP67 ZJRH Connectors 05-06

IP67 ZJRHconnectors 05-06 connector/cable assembly is designed for solar system interconnection to DC/AC inverter, which are of durable quality and for easy operation. These connectors are designed to permit time-saving, dependable series cabling of solar panels that are free-standing or integrated into building.The connectors can be assembled in a variety of configuration.


IP67 ZJRH Female Connector   IP67 ZJRH Male Connector         LAPP KABEL GERMANY/                                                                                                                                   RADOX CABLE


276ZJRH05-06F                                         276ZJRH05-06M                                  276SCBL4MM-01


Solar Cables  

Solar cable 4mm² black LAPP KABEL SOLAR XLS and RADOX CABLE for solar photovoltaic installations.

Our professional 4mm single-core solar cable is specifically designed for connecting photovoltaic system components permanently. The cable is made of electron-beam cross-linked insulation and coating which gives a high resistance against heat, cold, oil, abrasion, ozone, UV and the weather. In case of fire the cable omits low levels of smoke is halogen free and flame retardant. It is flexible, easy to strip and has a space saving outer diameter.


Please note:

When ordering cable we have a selection of pre-cut length options available, however cables can be ordered to 100m interval length.

Sold by the meter (comes in reels or spools according to the length) according to customer requirements.


Extension Leads - 2M/5M/8M/10M/15M/25M    


ASM Double-ended 2M extension


ASM Double-ended 5M extension


ASM Double-ended 8M extension


ASM Double-ended 10M extension


ASM Double-ended 15M extension


ASM Double-ended 25M extension




Connectors and Cables are crimped and assembled by our in-house qualified Licenced Electrical Technician in accordance to Australian Standards. Each lead is tested and certified before packaging.

Licence Number: A37754


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