14 set of New Solar label kit compliance to AS NZS 5033 - 2012


Part / article number: 276LBL2250




Complete set of solar grid connect system labeling engraved Traffolyte compling with Australian Standards AS5033 2012. Labels go through updates and changes through Local Supply Authority requirement and by the Institute of Electrical Inspectors in conjunction with Australian Standards and Energy Safe Victoria.

Please ensure before purchasing that these labels meet appropriate state electricity distributor regulations.

It is advisable that installers use silicone or LOCKTITE 404 glue for better adhesive or bonding between plastic and trafolyte, especially if labels are installed outdoor , double sided tape with time and outdoor weather will come off if surface bonding is not cleaned.



Additional WARNING label sold separately from kit




Additional WARNING Label sold separately from kit



 Energy Safe Victoria and Institute of Electrical Inspectors recommended that in premises where generations systems are installed an additional label needs to be fixed at FIP, DB, MSB and any other switchboards on the same premise.

The label needs to be in White Letters no smaller than 5mm in size with a 'DARK GREEN BACKGROUND'.

This label should state:


WARNING - This premise contains an electricity generation system. The isolation switch is located (location)  


WARNING - This premise contains an electricity generation systems. The wind generation isolation switch is located (location) The solar isolation switch is located (location)


ESV Solar Guidance Notes March 2010

GC Inspection Checklist OCEC

Grid Connect Solar Installations Checklist IEI Jan 2010

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